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Terri Sallee

Flour House Bakery & Coffee is a mother/daughter operation with help from other family members such as

Lou Zearing and Elise Swinford.


   Terri Zearing grew up in Lincoln, NE and relocated to Princeton in 1981. During her childhood, she baked alongside her mother, Kathleen, who patiently taught her how to bake while caring for a family of eleven. Terri’s love for baking manifested itself in

after school goodies for all her siblings, especially her six brothers. As a mother she baked for her family, friends, and for whoever

asked, or didn’t for that matter!


    Sallee grew up baking with Terri and developed a great passion, like her mother’s, for baking. To open a bakery has

been a dream of Terri’s for most of her life and when the opportunity arose, Sallee became committed to the cause.


    The Zearing family has owned 950 N. Main St. for three generations, used most recently as Zearing Computer Tech.

(which has been consolidated next door) operated by Lou Zearing. The building was originally a pharmacy and boasts original

woodwork and tin ceilings throughout the space.


    Flour House is devoted to keeping with a homemade style of baking, small batches made with care.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Flour House bakery and we hope to see you soon!

Everyday at Flour House, you can expect a variety of baked goods and we always like to offer a couple wheatless options. You will find fresh bread items on our shelves everyday.

We love to try new things out, so you will sometimes find items not listed on our menu. Remember that, for the time being,

we have an 8 item limit per customer, unless you have placed

a special order. Thank you.

Want to have an intimate birthday party for a friend with maybe just cake and ice cream and presents, but don’t want to worry about cleaning the house? Maybe you want to have a cocktail party before going out to dinner with some friends? Having a bridal or baby shower and all the details are enough without having to worry about keeping everything at home all tidied up? Consider renting our space for a few hours! We’d love to have you!
 ur “front of the house” including the bathroom may be rented for $75.00/hour. We will by the closest half hour of your usage. We will include set up and clean-up time in your total rental time. Our space is available for rental any day except Tuesday. The hours available for rental are between 5pm and 11pm. An employee from Flour House would be on site during your rental time in case you would have questions. We can provide coffee and water service for $25. This would be one large pot of coffee - Dark Roast, Medium Roast, or Decaf. Additional pots of coffee, $15 each. Cream, sugar, etc…provided with purchase of coffee service. Our mugs for coffee, and glasses for use of our water cooler are available for you to use, free of charge. Alcoholic beverages may be brought in. We could provide anything from our special order menu with advance notice. We ask that you provide napkins and table service if you are serving food. We feel the space could accommodate 30 people easily. If you have more people in mind we could discuss that. We would ask that you leave the space in the condition that you find it, i.e. returning chairs, tables, etc… to their original spots. We would also ask that you be responsible for accidental breakage of any items. Please give us a call to discuss renting our space. We look forward to working with you!


We have gift cards and free Wi-Fi

Thursday – Monday: 7 am to 4 pm CLOSED TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS If you have any questions or would like to place a special order, please call 1-815-989-8700 950 North Main Street, Princeton, IL 61356
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